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Discover the secret styles of all your favorite slimes with the super stylish Secret Style Pack -- an all-new downloadable content pack for Slime Rancher!

Search for special treasure pods throughout the Far, Far Range and discover each slime's unique secret style. Once discovered, you will be able to re-style every slime of that type whenever you choose!

Secret styles in this DLC Include:

  • Sparkly (Pink Slime)
  • Monochrome (Quantum Slime)
  • Heavy Metal (Rock Slime)
  • Shattered (Mosaic Slime)
  • Tiger (Tabby Slime)
  • Nebula (Dervish Slime)
  • Angelic (Phosphor Slime)
  • Nightshade (Tangle Slime)
  • Radiant (Rad Slime)
  • Devilish (Fire Slime)
  • Arcane (Boom Slime)
  • Pre-Jellasic (Saber Slime)
  • Royal Jelly (Honey Slime)
  • Boomerang (Quicksilver Slime)
  • Lilypad (Puddle Slime)
  • Retro (Glitch Slime)
  • Ruby Red (Crystal Slime)
  • Gilded (Gold Slime)
  • Cheshire (Hunter Slime)
  • Guardian (Lucky Slime)

The Secret Style Pack is now available for purchase on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games!

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