Community Code of Conduct

Introduction and overview

Monomi Park strives to be an inclusive community that welcomes people of all walks of life to come together and share their love for great video games. In the interest of safeguarding our community spaces, we have adopted a Code of Conduct that provides specific guidance on what is deemed appropriate and safe behavior. While interpretation of behavior can be subjective, Monomi Park and our appointed moderation staff recognizes that intent versus impact of an action or behavior can be lost in translation, particularly in text form. This is why we will use reasonable judgment but err on the side of impact if a community member acts in bad faith or violates the safety, privacy, and sense of inclusion for another community member. Humor in poor taste (or that violates reasonable social boundaries) is subject to disciplinary action.

Good communities are built on respect for the inherent right to safety, privacy, and dignity for one another. We believe upholding human rights and kindness are the cornerstone of a healthy community.

Code of Conduct

  • Terms of Service (TOS) and Use for Monomi Park games and the platforms we exist on must be adhered to. Where we operate and manage a community hub independently, we will enforce TOS to the fullest extent and expect community members to adhere to those rules as well.

  • Monomi Park’s community hubs are considered SFW (Safe For Work) and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is prohibited. This includes photos, graphics, video, audio, text such as fanfiction, and other content that may be sexual, graphic, violent, or otherwise distasteful for users under the age restrictions on that platform or that would be inappropriate in a conventional workplace setting. Linking or directing users to NSFW content is prohibited.

  • There is a zero-tolerance for harassment related to:

    • Racial slurs, slang, pejorative terms, epithets, or general commentary targeting race, sexuality, gender-identity, ability, age, or any other protected characteristics 

    • Language that attacks individuals or people based on religion, ethnic origin, or national origin

    • Threatening violence towards any individual or doxxing

    • Sexual harassment towards another individual or group in a physical space, community hub, or through DMs

    • Attacks related to mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive ability

  • Disruptive behavior is not tolerated. This includes:

    • Trolling individuals, channels, or conversations

    • Flamebait and/or antagonizing individuals 

    • Spamming or monopolizing a community space with unsolicited or unreasonable repeated messaging in a short period of time/in quick succession

    • Jokes that are in poor taste, whether deliberate or unintentional

    • Unwelcome sexual attention, advances, or humor

    • Inappropriate or unwelcome touching or contact in physical spaces where we may be present

  • Do not shame users, developers, or other communities. If you have an issue with a Monomi Park community member, please report them with all pertinent handles/aliases to a member of the moderation team. If the issue takes place in a digital setting on a community hub that we operate, please include a screenshot for context as well as the time and place of interaction. 

  • Doxxing of users or developers is strictly prohibited and will always be escalated to a direct report on the platform where the action took place. It will result in an immediate ban in any Monomi Park community hub. Any similar action that threatens the safety of an individual will be taken seriously.

  • Gatekeeping and elitist behavior is not reflective of Monomi Park’s values. We want players, new and old, to enjoy approaching Slime Rancher and any of our content with a fresh lens unique to their perspective. Gatekeeping or shaming will result in warnings and potentially escalate into further disciplinary action. Please welcome other user’s thoughts and opinions related to the Monomi Park fandoms, content and lore that may challenge your own.

  • Please do not rely on moderators or Monomi Park to resolve personal disputes. We expect all users to take it upon themselves to steer a negative conversation into a positive one and take reasonable measures to remove themselves from a situation that may result in unnecessary conflict or interpersonal issues. We recognize that sometimes this is unavoidable, and problems are sometimes inevitable. Only when conversations cross reasonable guidelines for harassment, safety, or similar poor behavior in our independently run and operated spaces should a member of the Moderation Team be involved.

  • No solicitations. This includes buying/selling of art, boosting, begging, and self-promotion of commercial and non-commercial content that isn’t sanctioned or permitted by Monomi Park. You can view additional details on our Fan Content Policy.

  • Discussions related to self-harm or endangerment will be taken seriously and reported to the relevant platform safety teams. Messages will be removed to maintain user privacy and to protect other users present. If you are struggling with thoughts of personal endangerment, please refer to this list of International Suicide Prevention numbers and resources: Monomi Park is an advocate for mental health awareness, but we recognize our limitations to provide individual users with appropriate and ongoing support to combat mental health struggles. We encourage all users who suspect or face any mental illness to contact a mental health professional and a trusted ally. We support you and your wellness. (Please be kind to yourself, even if you’re having a bad brain day.)

  • Give credit where credit is due! If sharing art or content, please remember to find the original post or creator of the art, media, cosplay, or other content. Do not remove artist credits. Impersonating artists or otherwise taking credit for someone else’s work is not tolerated. Reports of art theft will be investigated and acted upon in spaces where Monomi Park independently operates.

  • Respect Monomi Park Staff, Community Leads, and Moderator decisions when and where intervention or disciplinary action is involved. In the event you disagree with a Staff, Lead, or Moderator action, send a report to our Discord ticketing center via ModMail or our Reddit ModMail center.

  • Impersonating employees, moderation staff, or affiliates of Monomi Park is not tolerated, including parody accounts. Using names or the likeness of the aforementioned individuals will result in a warning and, if persisted, a global ban.

  • Please be patient with Monomi Park Staff as well as the Moderation and Safety Team. We’ll get back to you! We’re often busy making content and ask for your patience and understanding with questions and user reports. Please recognize not all questions can be answered and disciplinary action of users must remain private.

  • Please keep conversations in English. Monomi Park has a thriving international community, but we don’t have the resources currently for a multilingual moderation team. If you are interested in helping support Monomi Park and moderate in a language, please notify a member of the moderation team for consideration in a future mod recruitment open-period!

  • No spoilers unless posted in a spoiler-specific channel! When able, use a platform-specific spoiler tool (i.e. on Discord, use "Spoiler" tags by highlighting the text, right clicking, and selecting “Mark as Spoiler” when possible.)

  • Non-sanctioned bots or automated messaging will be removed from community spaces. Self-bots are not permitted.

  • Do not reach out directly to Monomi Park staff through private messaging. Please respect their privacy and keep conversations with them in public channels unless invited to converse otherwise.