Digital illustration of a smiling Pink Slime looking up to the sky. The weather is dark and gloomy with rain gently falling down, but there is an atmosphere of calm and contentment.

Come Rain or Slime


Prior to the release of Song of the Sabers we spoke about our plans to introduce new systems to shake up the core Slime Rancher gameplay and today we’d like to walk through what you can expect in our next two major updates that we currently have in development.

Our goal with every Slime Rancher 2 update is to surprise and delight fans, but always make sure it still feels like the Slime Rancher you know and love. So with our next update, we’ll be introducing a dynamic weather system to Rainbow Island. This is a feature we’ve dreamed about since our earliest days developing the original Slime Rancher, so we’re thrilled to finally make it a reality. You can look forward to our new weather system in Content Update 2 this fall.

Players spend a lot of time exploring the open world in Slime Rancher 2, and our dynamic weather system will add a lot more variety to the experience and make Rainbow Island feel more alive. Rain, wind, pollen, and thunderstorms will move across the island and make some adventures trickier than before, or perhaps give you a chance to snag a Tangle or Dervish Slime who make their triumphant return in this update.

But we also feel like this weather system accentuates a particular style of play we see a lot in Slime Rancher: simply being in the world and taking in its beauty. Because for all the silliness in its premise, and the chaos that comes from wrangling slimes, we believe Slime Rancher often delivers moments of calm, where nothing much is meant to happen–save for you unwinding after a long day. And it’s in these quiet moments that a gentle rain along the coastline, or crisp breeze rolling through the Rainbow Fields, takes on new meaning.

We’re excited for you to splash in puddles with your favorite slimes on a dreary day, nimbly dodge lightning bolts from a surprise storm, or simply sit and listen to the sound of the wind as you think about what to do next.

Following the weather update, we’ll be enhancing the gadget system in Slime Rancher 2. Releasing early next year, Content Update 3 will allow players to place gadgets nearly anywhere in the world. Gadget sites are no more, and with this change comes a whole new way to build out and customize your world. You can now use deco to truly transform the Conservatory, turn the Rainbow Fields into a public park for your slimes, or just focus on making your whole operation more efficient with warp tech.

The possibilities of placing gadgets anywhere are endless, and since it’s Slime Rancher, we wanted to ensure that it could be endlessly silly as well. That’s why we’ll be introducing brand new gadgets that take advantage of this enhanced system and allow players to build slime-launching contraptions with cannons, carnival rides for your slimes to enjoy, and other highly scientific, definitely very important and strictly educational things. 

We can’t wait to see the contraptions you cook up and all the very silly, but also very scientific videos you’ll create.

As always, our commitment to quality updates are married to the health and sustainability of our team. We thank you for your continued support and patience. We hope, as updates roll out, our work will continue to delight and spark a sense of wonder in you. See you on Rainbow Island soon!

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Digital illustration of a smiling Pink Slime looking up to the sky. The weather is dark and gloomy with rain gently falling down, but there is an atmosphere of calm and contentment.