Slime Rancher 2 - Add to Cart, ProntoMart - Patch 0.5.0 Notes


Get in, Rancher. We’re going shopping at ProntoMart! Our second content update of the year slides in right in time for a summer of fun with a slew of new gadgets, gadget variants, and the much-anticipated return of Slime Toys.

Add to Cart, ProntoMart Features Overview

  • Spend Your Newbucks at ProntoMart: This update introduces a brand new shop system to spend all your hard-earned Newbucks. Head over to ProntoMart to shop for anything from blueprints to toys to cozy decorations. Building off the previous update, ProntoMart will help aid players in their adventuring and ranching journeys. And keep a close eye out for the shop’s purrfect friend.

  • Go Go Gadget Variants: This update invites players to really make the ranching experience their own, adding your personal aesthetic and play-style with a hefty combination of functional and deco gadgets. Customize your experience on Rainbow Island with a new roster of 51 unique gadgets and 31 gadget variants. The customization possibilities are endless!

  • Slime Toys Bouncing Back: We all know a well-fed slime is a happy slime. But slimes can also get agitated by the stresses of Rainbow Island. (Have you seen those hungry Tarr?) Soothe them with the return of Slime Toys! Players can buy these special toys through the ProntoMart kiosk. We’ve brought back some old favorites and introduced new ones ready to be loved!

Features List

Welcome to ProntoMart!

Players can find the ProntoMart kiosk located in the Conservatory. Within the shop, players can access Polestar Provisions and Coo-Coo Corner. Polestar Provisions sells the blueprints needed to craft gadgets. Coo-Coo Corner is a daily deals shop where players can purchase deco and functional gadgets, or toys to entertain slimes. Deals will change every in-game day, so make sure to check the shop frequently!

Remember, it’s possible for players to obtain items before getting a blueprint. Make sure you’re carefully exploring Rainbow Island and checking the Comms Station.

New Gadgets and Gadget Variants

More gadgets means more ways to unleash creative and mechanized chaos upon the wiggly inhabitants of Rainbow Island. Along with a whole catalog of brand new gadgets, this update also introduces gadget variants to the world of Slime Rancher 2.

Gadget variants are existing gadgets with a twist – a color, texture, or design variation of an already existing gadget. This will allow players to get creative and further customize their Conservatory. Keep in mind: not all gadgets have variants and variants can be acquired before the base version of a gadget. Try to collect them all!

Players can toggle through variants when a previously placed gadget is selected. Variants can also be viewed in the Fabricator and Slimepedia.

New Gadget List:

  • Blue Linked Cannon

  • Pink Linked Cannon

  • Grey Linked Cannon

  • See-Saw

  • Music Pillar

  • Music Tile

  • Slimeball Goal

  • Hive Resource Flag

  • Mineral Resource Flag

  • Spout Resource Flag

  • Large Net

  • Medium Net

  • Small Net

  • Blue Anemone

  • Curly Seaweed

  • Pink Anemone

  • Pink Anemone Cluster

  • Pride Flag

  • Seagrass

  • Seashell Collection

  • Seashells

  • Seaweed  

  • Yellow Reef Bush

  • Blue Reef Bush

  • Blue Swirl Tree

  • Pink Flower Reef

  • Pink Reef Bush

  • Pink Reef Tree

  • Pink Reef Tree Cluster

  • Sandy Yellow Coral

  • Short Pink Flower Reef

  • Tall Pink Flower Reef

  • Tall Pink Reef Tree

  • Small Trellis

  • Reef Chair

  • Reef Table

  • Sunflower Umbrella

  • Sakura Umbrella

  • Wide Emerald Trellis

  • Clam Throne

  • Large Sandcastle

  • Small Sandcastle

  • Slime Jail Standee

  • Snowman Standee

  • Sunflower Standee

  • Tarr Standee

  • Golden Batty Statue

  • Golden Tabby Statue

  • Ship in a Bottle

  • Striped Beach Blanket

  • Double Seat Bench

Gadget Variant List:

  • Blue Striped Lamp

  • Mint Striped Lamp

  • Large Pink Lemonade Pinwheel

  • Large Teal Pinwheel

  • Small Pink Lemonade Pinwheel

  • Small Teal Pinwheel

  • Wavy Beach Blanket

  • Pink Lemonade Beach Umbrella

  • Teal Beach Umbrella

  • Moonflower Umbrella

  • Peach Sunflower Umbrella

  • Blue Bountiful Teacup

  • Mint Bountiful Teacup

  • Blue Dainty Teacup

  • Mint Dainty Teacup

  • Pink Easy Breezy Fan

  • Tarr Fan

  • Blue Round Bumper

  • Mint Round Bumper

  • Grey Boombox

  • Pink Boombox

  • Blue See-Saw

  • Mint See-Saw

  • Blue Stunt Cannon

  • Mint Stunt Cannon

  • Blue Swing

  • Mint Swing

  • Blue Carousel

  • Mint Carousel

  • Blue Ferris Wheel

  • Mint Ferris Wheel

Even Slimes Need Enrichment

Slime Toys soothe agitated slimes, so long as they’re within range. They can be purchased through the ProntoMart kiosk through the Coo-Coo Corner. We’ve brought back some Slime Rancher favorites as well as added some brand new Slime Toys to the roster. Remember that while some toys are particular favorites of specific slimes, the platform exclusive Slime Toys are beloved by all.

Slime Toy List:

  • Beach Ball

  • Yarn Ball

  • Bomb Ball

  • Rubber Ducky

  • Bouncy Ball

  • Plushie Puffer Fish

  • Full Moon Ball

  • Trashcan

  • Glowbug

Platform Exclusive Slime Toy List:

  • Glo Glo Foxifur (Steam)

  • Glo Glo Froggo (Xbox)

  • Glo Glo Drakey (Epic)

  • Glo Glo Penguino (PS5)

Conservatory Expansion

Players can expand their Conservatory with The Digsite. This expansion adds four new plots for all your ranching and decorating needs, assuming you can tidy up the mess. As it’s a site of archeological curiosity, you’ll also find hidden caches of Deep Brine Nodes and Jellystone that we’re certain you will send to a museum instead of using it all for yourself …right?

Additional Changes

  • Dervish Slime cyclones will blow grass around as they pass by

  • Rumble feedback support added to game controllers

  • UI

    • Foreign language keybindings now show the correct keys

      • Affected foreign language keyboards:

      • Swiss German

      • Spanish

      • Spanish variation

      • Latin American

      • Canadian French

      • Canadian French Legacy

      • French

      • Swiss French

      • Belgian French

      • Portuguese

      • Portuguese (Brazil abnt)

      • Portuguese (Brazil abnt2)

  • Toys category now viewable in Slimepedia

  • A new treasure pod has been added to Rainbow Fields, and a water spout has been removed (a good trade tbh)

  • The disabling tutorials option now turns off active tutorial, not just future tutorials

  • Ancient teleporters now have their own distinct sound effect

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in The Gully where placed gadgets would sometimes disappear

  • Placeholder keys for French language keyboards are corrected and no longer display in the bindings menu

  • Placement timers no longer appear on previously placed warp gadgets

  • Slimepedia sounds updated to be consistent across all categories

  • Gadgets placed on snow surfaces now renders consistently

  • Optimized gadget placements VFX, no matter the size 

  • Turning on a second boombox will automatically turn off the first. Boomboxes can telepathically communicate now

  • Tarr and their splats have been restored to their full HD glory on Xbox

  • Gadget slots are now able to be rebound

  • Gamertags on Xbox no longer overlap with the “Press any Button to Begin” text

  • Viktor’s intro call now triggers as expected. Make sure to pick up!

  • The “Mark All as Seen” function now works correctly in the Slimepedia

  • The light coming from the Conservatory is more visible from Rainbow Fields on any quality level, during all times of day

  • The game will no longer appear soft-locked if the pause menu is opened during the loading screen after player death

  • Watered crops now grow in their expected cycle times

  • Updated the map to correctly show the player in the Conservatory instead of Rainbow Fields

  • Disconnecting a controller will now correctly display “Controller Disconnected” messaging

  • Improved Dervish Largo Slime textures and models for the following combinations:

    • Batty Largo

    • Batty Dervish Largo

    • Hunter Dervish Largo

    • Angler Dervish Largo

    • Pink Dervish Largo

Known Issues

  • Gordos are missing part of their burst VFX causing a hall of mirrors effect

  • Rumble vibration on PC using Dual Sense controller is 2-3x more intense than it should be

  • Beach umbrella is available in both the shop and a treasure pod

  • Damaged Tarr lose their perfect rainbow mouth

  • Distant slimes in snow will appear pale blue (Known Issue or beautiful short poem?)

Halfway Through 2024

We’re nearing the halfway point of this year and bubbling with excitement on what’s still to come!

In case you missed it, Slime Rancher 2 is coming to PlayStation 5 so more people can join in on the wiggly fun. Players who have pre-ordered the game will be able to play on June 7th, while general access opens up on June 11th. (Pre-orders are still open too!) Future content updates leading up to 1.0 are included and will be published in tandem with other platforms. We’ll share a PS5-specific version of the patch notes too.

Our next content update is on track to ship this fall – and the Grey Labyrinth finally opens to the most curious of Ranchers. As always, your support is invaluable to the team and lights a fire in us!

For more information on what to expect during Slime Rancher 2’s Early Access development, check out our Official FAQ.

For Slime Rancher 2 support issues and bugs, please visit the official Slime Rancher 2 Help Center.

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