Slime Rancher 2 - Come Rain or Slime - Patch 0.3.0 Notes


Get swept up in our newest content update for Slime Rancher 2! All sorts of weather patterns hit Rainbow Island for the very first time. Navigate through heavy rains, thunderstorms, iridescent pollen, and even massive cyclones. As you explore, be on the lookout for some familiar slimes and their favorite snacks! 

Come Rain or Slime Features Overview

  • Dynamic Weather System: Slime Rancher 2 now features a dynamic weather system. Players will experience varying degrees of Rain, Wind, Thunderstorms, Pollen, and more across the world. Brave the elements as more severe weather strikes, or take a load off to enjoy the cozy ambiance of milder weather patterns.

  • Expanded Original Score: Each severe weather pattern features a beautiful new melody to accompany your treacherous dash home or daring storm chasing adventure.

  • Dervish and Tangle Slimes Return: Riding in on cyclones during windstorms or popping out of the ground through tangles of creeping vines, Dervish and Tangle Slimes return to join Beatrix’s latest adventure. Carefully track severe weather patterns to wrangle these elusive slimes!

  • Tasty Snacks: We can’t leave these newly wrangled Tangle and Dervish Slimes hungry! Their favorite foods Prickle Pears, Painted Hens, and Painted Chickadoos also return. Remember: A hungry slime is an unhappy slime, and we don’t want any unhappy slimes…

  • Slimepedia Makeover: The Slimepedia has undergone an extensive overhaul to make learning about the world of Slime Rancher a much easier experience. Poke around and enjoy the new beautiful interface. Be sure to check the map for the latest weather!

Features List

Dynamic Weather System
A dynamic weather system has been added that can produce a variety of weather patterns in a zone at varying levels of intensity, even combining with others to create turbulent storms across Rainbow Island. Weather patterns can be tracked via the map.

Please note that dynamic weather only begins after two in-game days have passed and in zones that have already been explored. This means that a fresh save file will potentially see weather on day 3 in a zone already visited once before, and existing saves must have two more in-game days pass after receiving the update before weather patterns will form.

Weather Patterns include:

  • Wind, with varying levels of intensity, culminating in a windstorm that can stir up whirling cyclones, and features a unique musical score.

  • Rain, with varying levels of intensity, culminating in a rainstorm that can create puddles and waterfalls, and features a unique musical score.

  • Thunder, with varying levels of intensity, culminating in a thunderstorm that can cause lightning bolts to rain down from above, and features a unique musical score. Thunderstorms often occur during rainstorms, but not exclusively.

  • Pollen, with varying levels of intensity, culminating in the growth of creeping vines in the area, and features a unique musical score.

  • Snow, which remains exclusive to Powderfall Bluffs, where the unnaturally cold climate can support it.

  • And finally, Slimefall. Wait, Slimefall? Oh no…


  • Dervish Slime

  • Tangle Slime


  • Prickle Pear

  • Painted Hen

  • Painted Chickadoos

The Slimepedia

  • Framework

    • UI buttons revamped

    • UI systems refactored

  • Navigation

    • Listings and grids

    • Key bindings

  • Accessibility

    • Font changes and sizing

    • Screen scaling

    • Better control options

  • Beatrix now physically looks at the Slimepedia before opening it!

Additional Changes

  • Updated the environment around the Strand portal to make it more visible

  • Updated game credits

  • Improved overall persistence error handling

  • Improvements to tutorial timing, HUD notifications, and pop in visuals

  • Map system improvements

    • Added weather icons on map

    • Improved zone name and treasure pod displays

    • Add a visualization for zoom level

    • General system and layout optimizations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused resources to slide through and get stuck under the terrain

  • Moved some ranch plots in the Gully so they are more accessible

  • Yolky Slime eggs will now display “Giant Egg” when targeted

  • Fixed some localization issues in Mochi Comm Station dialogues

  • Fixed issues where a Saber Honey Largo could get stuck in hop loop

  • Fixed issue where items would fall out of a storage device when aimed at with the vac

  • Fixed issue where Ringtail Largos were overfilling corrals with plorts when returning to the Conservatory (it was fun while it lasted…)

  • Smoothed out lightning transition when approaching the volcano in Ember Valley

  • Gold Slimes struck with crafting resources now create plorts

  • Various typos, translations, and unsupported characters updated

Known Issues

  • Map won’t tell the player that they are in the Conservatory (shows as Rainbow Fields)

  • Pause menu opens behind loading screen while on the death loading screen

  • Puddle slimes will produce plorts even if 8 or more are in the pond

After the Storm

Following Come Rain or Slime, expect our next update to arrive in early 2024. This update will feature an enhanced gadget system that will allow players to place gadgets nearly anywhere in the world. Players will be able to build out and customize the world and truly transform the Conservatory. So get your tool belts ready, because we’ll be sharing more information about our gadget update soon!

For information on what to expect during Slime Rancher 2’s Early Access development, check out our Official FAQ.

For Slime Rancher 2 support issues, please visit the officialSlime Rancher 2 Help Center.

Our fans’ continued support of Slime Rancher 2 fuels the team, and we’re grateful for those of you that have joined us on this journey. We hope you enjoy more of this strange, beautiful, and wiggly world we’re building for you to explore.

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