Slime Rancher 2 Now Available in Early Access!


In the distance, there was an island with colors that danced and moved like a dream…

Slime Rancher 2 is now available in Early Access!

Continue the adventures of Beatrix LeBeau as she journeys to Rainbow Island, a mysterious land brimming with ancient technology, unknown natural resources, and an avalanche of wiggling, jiggling, new slimes to discover in the sequel to the award-winning, smash-hit original that has been enjoyed by over 15 million fans worldwide.


  • Explore a Vibrant New World: Continue the slime ranching adventures of Beatrix LeBeau as she journeys to a mysterious rainbow-hued island.

  • Discover Wiggly New Slimes: Collect slimes never seen before on the Far, Far Range, like the bouncy Cotton Slime or the aquatic Angler Slime.

  • Build a Conservatory on Rainbow Island: Earn Newbucks from Slime Plorts and collect resources on Rainbow Island to upgrade your Vacpack, build new gadgets, and expand your conservatory.

  • Lots of Free Updates on the Way:The world of Slime Rancher 2 is always growing. Expect lots of free content updates as Rainbow Island expands with new worlds to explore, reveals more wiggly, new slimes to wrangle, and exciting, new features are added to change the way you play.

Rainbow Island is a place of mystery and wonder, and the home to future adventures in Slime Rancher for years to come. We hope that it brings you joy, a host of wiggly, new friends, or just a soft patch of prismatic grass to sit in and idle away the afternoon. So tighten your boots, ready your Vacpack, and always keep your eye on the horizon, because we’re just getting started!

For information on what to expect during Slime Rancher 2’s Early Access development, check out our Official FAQ.

For Slime Rancher 2 support issues, please visit the official Slime Rancher 2 Help Center.

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