Slime Rancher 2 - Gadgets My Way - Patch 0.4.0 Notes


The first content update of the year redefines the gadget system in Slime Rancher 2. Get creative and transform Rainbow Island with a new catalog of stylish, surprising, and silly gadgets. Create an aesthetic oasis for your slimes, overhaul your Ranch from corner to corner, or unleash mechanized chaos on the wiggly inhabitants of Rainbow Island. The world is your playground!

Gadgets My Way Features Overview

  • Expanded Interaction with Slimes: The 'Gadgets My Way' update introduces imaginative and lively interactions with slimes. Imagine your slimes lounging on the beach, getting thrilled in homemade pinball machines, or playfully bouncing through fields of colorful pinwheels. This update offers a wide array of thematic settings - from serene to playful - allowing players to create memorable experiences with their slimes on Rainbow Island.

  • Comprehensive Building System Overhaul: Experience a transformative building system with key features that include a streamlined Gadget mode HUD, offering a more intuitive building experience, and an innovative collection review system integrated into the updated Slimepedia. This update not only enhances the ease of constructing your dream ranch but also enriches the process of discovering and cataloging your unique slime and gadget collections.

  • More Gadget Content and Exploration: Dive into a world of discovery with 36 new gadgets and treasures waiting in hidden nooks and crannies of Rainbow Island. The update invites players to uncover secret treasure pods, unveiling gadgets that enhance the immersive and interactive nature of the game. Explore new areas, unveil mysteries, and enrich your ranching experience with these exciting additions.

Features List

Overhauled Gadgets System

Gadget placement restrictions have been eliminated and gadgets are no longer destroyed upon pickup. Drop gadgets anywhere you like, but make sure there’s enough space for larger gadgets.

You can now peruse through the gadget inventory without having to return to the fabricator. Easily cycle through your most beloved gadgets with the addition of a favorites bar. Gadget categories have also been updated. 

You may notice that some of the pre-existing placement hotkey controls are different. After months of rigorous testing, we’ve determined this new system is optimized for long-term, optimal navigation. So please excuse the slight learning curve with this update. 

And for all you explorers out there, we’ve dropped several new gadgets in the world for you to discover. Search high and low for these hidden gems, and gather blueprints to craft new gadgets!

New Gadgets

Many new gadgets have been added that can interact with slimes, or work with existing gadgets to change the theme of the Conservatory or the world outside.

New Gadget List:

  • Accelerator

  • Display Case

  • Stunt Cannon

  • Round Bumper

  • Easy Breezy Fan

  • Aurora Flowers

  • Emerald Grass

  • Ruby Grass

  • Large Windcatcher Pinwheel

  • Poignant Pennant

  • Scarf Streamers

  • Small Breezy Pinwheel

  • Striking Streamers

  • Windsocks

  • Conservatory Bench

  • Conservatory Chair

  • Conservatory Table

  • Mushroom Planter

  • Potted Plants

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Beach Lantern

  • Beach Umbrella

  • Conservatory Lamp

  • Pink Striped Lamp

  • Trellis Arch

  • Wide Trellis

  • Wind Chimes

  • Bountiful Teacup

  • Dainty Teacup

  • Fire Flower

  • Boombox

  • Swing

  • Carousel

  • Ferris Wheel

  • Golden Dervish Statue

  • Golden Tangle Statue

Weather Resources

New resources have been added that can be found during thunderstorms and windstorms. But act fast! These materials only linger for a short while before vanishing.

  • Storm Glass

  • Lightning Mote

  • Drift Crystal

World Update

All zones have had minor expansions added to them, making the world a little larger and more interesting. Perhaps you can find a good use for these spaces with all those new gadgets? We’d love to see it!

Additional Changes

UI improvements

  • Added an epilepsy warning on the engagement screen for our photo-sensitive players. We’re looking into other accessibility updates for future updates

  • Added a new HUD notification for new CommStation messages

  • Fabricator icons received a little glow up

  • Changed the pip display for Vacpack upgrades in the Fabricator

Map improvements

  • Updated map cursor

  • Updated map art style

  • Updated Treasure Pod counter

  • Updated map to reflect the additions added to all zones

Other cool, but general updates

  • Location flags now flow beautifully with gusts of wind

  • Better handling and backup management around analytics

  • Optimized scene loading and reloading

  • Reorganized audio and music file structures

  • Adjustments around UI text readability in different languages

  • Improved ambient occlusion and depth of field post processing

  • Minor environment art improvements to some existing parts of the world

Bug Fixes

  • Fire Slimes no longer clip through magma pool decos

  • Slimes no longer escape from the Slime Stage gadget (this was determined to be stage fright, but pep talks were given)

  • Input deadzone now comes into effect when navigating in Options

  • Map doesn’t auto-close when opened with the D-pad on an Xbox controller

  • Rotting Pomegranites no longer sink into the ground (ew…)

  • Tarr are now more consistent when grabbing things with their Tarr tendrils and oh no what have we done why would we improve such a thing???

  • Fixed issue with Cotton Gordo ears sometimes not displaying properly

  • Trees in Powderfall Bluffs no longer appear to be blown away by wind in the distance

  • Tangle Slime vines and weather vine buds now spawn correctly

  • Shooting out Flutter Slimes no longer creates a splash effect

  • Fixed various issues in the world around collision and transparency

  • Updated various typos, translation issues, font bolding, and unsupported characters

Known Issues

  • Foreign language keyboards show the Next Slot symbol in the Previous Slot keybind

  • Changing keyboard type to French will cause a formatting issue within the keybinds section

  • Players who have unlocked the ancient teleporter in Powderfall Bluffs are seeing an incorrect teleportation path west of Ember Valley

What's Next?

Fear not, Ranchers. The fun doesn’t end with Gadgets My Way. We have two more updates planned for this year: one will drop Summer 2024 and the other is targeted for Fall 2024. We’ll share more details on what to anticipate next soon!

For information on what to expect during Slime Rancher 2’s Early Access development, check out our Official FAQ.

For Slime Rancher 2 support issues, please visit the officialSlime Rancher 2 Help Center.

We’re constantly amazed by the show of support for Slime Rancher 2 and for our studio. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you transform your Ranch and Rainbow Island! Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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