Slime Rancher 2 - Patch 0.4.1 Notes


Patch 0.4.1 tackles bugs that really bugged out with the Gadgets My Way update.


  • Fixed an issue where slimes would sometimes disappear from their corrals

  • The teleporter line west of Powderfall Bluffs now displays correctly on the map

  • Fixed an issue where some players were soft locked after getting knocked out

  • Fixed an issue causing some players to fall through the ground in Starlight Strand

  • Updated the Fabricator grid to correctly indicate new items

  • Fixed an issue where a gadget in the first favorite slot clears when using a controller and the gadget bar was full. Your favorite gadget should remain #1 now

  • Players can now obtain the Tall Amber Cypress in a new pod in Ember Valley

  • Fixed Slimepedia entries to correctly show a total current count of 262 items

If you think you’re experiencing a bug, please check our list of known issues first. Don’t see your potential issue on the list? Make sure to submit a ticket to the team so we can investigate. The more details the better!

We’re still on track for our Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 updates this year, and we hope to share more details with you soon. In the meantime, keep tinkering away with the new gadgets system. We love to see all the wacky and creative contraptions you come up with!

As always, thank you for your support and keep an eye out for more Slime Rancher 2.

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