Key art for the Song of the Sabers update for the Slime Rancher 2 game. The game’s main character, Beatrix Lebeau, comes across joyful Saber Slimes on a snowy hilltop. Aurora lights color the sky above in hues of cyan and magenta. Text logo: Slime Rancher 2 Song of the Sabers v0.2.0

Slime Rancher 2 - Song of the Sabers - Patch 0.2.0 Notes


The first major content update for Slime Rancher 2 has arrived! Discover Powderfall Bluffs, a mysterious, glacial island off the coast of Ember Valley. As if it were a giant, icy time capsule, you’ll find a thriving community of prehistoric Saber Slimes and Thundercluck chickens within, as well as strange, auroral anomalies, a treasure trove of new resources, and more!

Song of the Sabers Features Overview

  • Explore a New Biome: Powderfall Bluffs is a prehistoric frozen island that has mysteriously emerged from the Slime Sea. It’s an icy biome unlike anything ever seen in Slime Rancher, but you’ll need to find it first before enjoying this winter wonderland. Here’s a hint: the entrance to it is located somewhere in Ember Valley…

  • Wrangle New Slimes: This snowy sanctuary is home to Saber Slimes—a ferocious blast from the past! And this update also includes a new, RARE slime, but we don’t want to make it overly easy for you to find it so that’s all the info you’re getting from us…

  • Source New Food: Prehistoric Thundercluck chickens roam among the snowdrifts. They’re scary looking! But they just look like dinner to a Saber Slime.

  • Gather New Resources: Powderfall Bluffs offers many new precious resources from its frigid peaks including impossibly Perfect Snowflakes, rare Sun Sap, and adorable Slime Fossils.

  • Build New Gadgets: Start an icy dust-up anywhere with the Snowball Machine or put other handy gadgets to use like the Hydro Shower, Location Markers, and new Warp Tech.

  • Craft Wintery Deco: Craft a giant snowflake just because you can, or a snow globe that plays music to really set the mood, as well as golden slime and chicken statues and earn the admiration (or at least curiosity) of your fellow ranchers.

  • Walk Upon Auroral Anomalies: Phantom-like flora gleam throughout the landscape and nightfall illuminates bridges that allow you to reach new heights along the icy mountains—but act fast before they vanish with the dawn.

  • Snowball Fights: Slimes love to play in the snow and won’t hesitate to engage in a snowball fight with you and other slimes!

In-game capture from Slime Rancher 2 of a smiling Saber Slime in a cave with large, red-hot glowing flowers. Other Saber Slimes are in the background, including one chasing a Thundercluck.

Features List

Powderfall Bluffs

  • Real-time snow deformation

  • Snowball fights with slimes!

  • Auroral Anomalies

  • New Research Drones

  • New Treasure Pods

New Slimes

  • Saber Slime

  • Saber Gordo


New Slime Science Resources

  • Sun Sap

  • Perfect Snowflake

  • Slime Fossil

New (well, technically ancient) Chickens

  • Thundercluck

  • Thunder Chickadoo

New Vac Upgrades

  • Power Core Rank 4

  • Tank Booster Rank 4

  • Golden Sureshot Rank 1

  • Golden Sureshot Rank 2

  • Golden Sureshot Rank 3

New Utility Gadgets

  • Hydro Shower

  • Snowball Machine

  • Location Markers

  • Snowy Teleporter

  • Snowy Warp Depot

  • Powderfall Bluffs Portal

New Deco Gadgets

  • Golden slime statues

  • Chicken-themed statues (we do really important work here)

  • Lots of Powderfall Bluffs scenery deco

  • Special Powderfall Deco, including a giant snowflake, and an (also giant) musical snowglobe 

In-game capture from Slime Rancher 2 of a snowy scene featuring a large snowglobe and giant snowflake sculpture placed on the edge of a bluff overlooking snowy peaks on which bright orange-red conifer trees and a few slimes are scattered about.

Additional Changes

  • Additional Treasure Pods added to Conservatory, Ember Valley, and Starlight Strand

  • In-game analytics added to improve our ability to balance and tune the game. This can be opted out of in settings

  • Triple Plort switch door in Starlight Strand now only requires one Plort switch

  • When loading a save fail, player now has the option to recover by loading the last autosave

  • Refinery items you haven’t unlocked yet are now hidden

  • Improved slime and resource interactions with lava

  • Page indicators on all UIs now clickable

  • New UI button animations

Bug Fixes

  • Replaced outdated visual effects and materials for classic slimes

  • Minor slime behavior bug fixes 

  • Fixed keybinding icon display in options

  • Fixed incorrect or missing icons in the Fabricator

  • Corrected typos and inconsistencies in localization

  • Troubleshooted general in-world locations where players would get stuck, or fall through the world

  • Energy will now drain if Bea continues sprinting after landing

  • No more hen hens trapped below the coop in gully plot or trapped behind couches

  • Fixed edge cases that impact performance in the conservatory

  • Fixed issue where player couldn’t obtain the pink bonsai blueprint

  • Minor environment asset texture updates

  • Implemented missing shader quality function

Known Issues

  • An unsupported character may appear instead of an "x" in Russian

  • The particle effects toggle has no effect

  • Tabby Slimes will sometimes sit idle when they try to steal food

  • Tarr sometimes do not despawn properly in unloaded scenes

  • The golden angler statue has an incorrect Newbucks cost

In-game capture from Slime Rancher 2 of a bright sunrise in a warm pink-hued sky that silhouettes a forest nestled within a gigantic, melted ice dome formation. In the foreground is an icy plateau with two Saber Slimes sitting atop looking toward the dawn.

Beyond the Frozen Horizon

Song of the Sabers is our first major content update for Slime Rancher 2 and aims to deliver more of what you know and love about Slime Rancher, with a few surprises along the way.

Following this update, Monomi Park will be developing new features that build upon the core activities and game systems of Slime Rancher, allowing you to experience Rainbow Island in new ways. We’re excited about this set of features that we think will wiggle, jiggle, and shake up the Slime Rancher formula.

Further out, Beatrix’s adventure will finally take her into the massive and mysterious Grey Labyrinth that blocks her progress across the furthest reaches of the island. And though its purpose and history remain unknown, it's clear that the key to unlocking the secrets of Rainbow Island lies beyond its walls. 

For information on what to expect during Slime Rancher 2’s Early Access development, check out our Official FAQ.

For Slime Rancher 2 support issues, please visit the official Slime Rancher 2 Help Center.

Thank you again for your continued support of Slime Rancher 2. We hope you enjoy more of this strange, beautiful, and wiggly world we’re building for you to explore.

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Key art for the Song of the Sabers update for the Slime Rancher 2 game. The game’s main character, Beatrix Lebeau, comes across joyful Saber Slimes on a snowy hilltop. Aurora lights color the sky above in hues of cyan and magenta. Text logo: Slime Rancher 2 Song of the Sabers v0.2.0