A thank you to the Slime Rancher community


Hello! I’m Nick Popovich, CEO of Monomi Park and Slime Rancher Series Director. Slime Rancher 2 is finally almost here and we are beyond thrilled to share this moment with you. 

It’s been over 6 years since the launch of Slime Rancher and in that time we’ve sold over 6 million copies, and have over 15 million players who have set foot on the Far, Far Range. Monomi Park has also grown from just a few developers when we shipped Slime Rancher to the 30 extremely talented individuals we are today.

I’ll personally never forget the day we created the Tarr and they overtook my ranch, repeatedly. Or programming tabby slimes to boop your nose. Or when our first plush sample arrived for us to hold. So soft! Or seeing our game on a shelf in a real store. (apologies to our local game store who probably wonders why copies of Slime Rancher have appeared on the featured shelf for years now…)

None of this would have been possible without your support. Your enthusiasm for Slime Rancher; your fan art, videos, feedback throughout development, and overall passion for our very strange and wiggly game have made every step of this journey worthwhile. From all of us at Monomi Park, we thank you for getting us where we are today, and for the privilege of joining us on this new adventure.

Because once more, there is an exciting journey ahead as we develop Slime Rancher 2 throughout its Early Access period and bring the full vision of Rainbow Island to life. So please check out our Official Slime Rancher 2 FAQ for details on what you can expect during Early Access and beyond.

Rainbow Island is a place of mystery and wonder. It is a world we have meticulously crafted for years now; a labor of love that has been an escape from the uncertainty of the real world. I truly hope that it serves the same for you now: a place full of adventure, beauty, and wiggly new friends, or just as a soft patch of prismatic grass to sit in and idle away the afternoon. This world has already meant so much to me and brought me so much joy, and we’re just getting started.

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