Spring Into Our Next Two Updates


We’re excited to share that Slime Rancher 2’s development is moving steadily along. Our next update, which we originally anticipated to hit this summer, will actually be ready for release at the end of Spring 2024. Our Gordo-sized update is also on track for a Fall 2024 drop. 

In our spring update, we’ll be introducing a new in-game shop feature called ProntoMart. The shop will offer players a variety of items for all your adventuring and ranching needs. ProntoMart offers daily and limited-time items for your hard-earned Newbucks so make sure to check in every day. (Hint: might be a good idea to start saving up now.)

The update will also come with a new Conservatory Expansion. Players will have more room to ranch and decorate, assuming you can get The Digsite in tip-top shape for your slimes. We’ve also heard your cries about how some slimes are bored out of their wiggly minds. Beatrix has submitted a fresh order of new Slime Toys to help keep your slimes happy. Slime enrichment is very important!

Shop sneak peek! Not final, but still nice to look at.

Our Fall 2024 update is our most ambitious update yet on the road to 1.0. As some of you may have guessed, the Grey Labyrinth will finally unlock and reveal a brand new world to the Slime Rancher universe. The experience inside the Labyrinth is intended to be more challenging and prizes curious minds above all else, rewarding only the most attentive players as you explore its depths.

The Labyrinth will also feature a new gameplay system that offers fluctuating levels of challenge to those that can wrangle the chaos that it creates. And as players trek deeper into the heart of the Labyrinth, the mystery of Rainbow Island will unfold as well as Beatrix’s unique place within it.

As always, thank you for your support and remember to stay wiggly!

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