Slime Rancher 2 Available Now On PlayStation 5


Welcome to Rainbow Island! Players who have pre-ordered Slime Rancher 2 on PlayStation 5 get to play early. Fear not if you didn’t have a chance to join the pre-order parade. General access opens on June 11th 10AM PDT. Slime Rancher 2 is still currently in development and PS5 players will receive all updates leading up to 1.0 in tandem with other platforms.

Our newest update Add to Cart, ProntoMart brings an in-game shop experience where only Newbucks are needed, 51 new gadgets, 31 gadget variants, and the return of beloved Slime Toys. Players will also have access to the chillest toy, Glo Glo Penguino, a PS5 exclusive.

This update also includes DualSense controller support. When using the vacpack, Adaptive Triggers include a subtle vibration to match - which can be enabled in the controller settings. The DualSense speaker will emit audio for a number of gameplay events for a more immersive experience. The speaker volume can be reduced or entirely disabled under the controller settings.

We recommend reading the full patch notes below to understand the full scope of the update.

New players can easily reference our past blog posts to catch up on the features we’ve already brought to Slime Rancher 2.

For more information on what to expect during Slime Rancher 2’s Early Access development, check out our Official FAQ.

For Slime Rancher 2 support issues and bugs, please visit the official Slime Rancher 2 Help Center.

If you’re looking for a community of fellow Ranchers, join the Official Slime Rancher Discord.

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